The Power Barrow Company.

We are the Manufacture of a hand held, walk behind, 4 wheel drive, powered wheelbarrow. Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We started our company in 2005 with the hopes of providing a product unique to the Industry. This motorized wheelbarrow makes working with your hauling needs easier and more productive. The Power Barrow provides Construction workers, landscaping contractor and the private home worker with a easier and faster way to move concrete,mulch, sand,gravel and other products from one place to another without having to lift heavy loads without the chance of injury. The power barrow machine makes it possible for anyone to get the job done with less effort allowing you to be a one man work force.

Able to climb a 25 degree incline makes the machine able to go where the normal 1 wheel barrow cannot. It has a dead mans lever for your safety that stops if you should slip.

We have all our parts made here in the US by local companies doing our part in keeping American workers at work. Made of high quality materials our product is made to last and give you the best product we can for the money. No frills just the most basic design to keep the cost down so our consumers are able to afford our product.

We ship almost anywhere in North America. Our carriers give us the best shipping prices on the market so we pass the low price on to you.
We sell all the parts that make up the machine so you can just call us and we give you the personal touch with the information that you need to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Our shipping is quick and reliable, usually out the door the next day, and even the same day depending on the time of day.
Your can contact us at 772-461-7880 or e-mail us by clicking on the contact button on this page.
Welcome to the Future
Powered Wheelbarrow
Built in America made to last
  FACTORY DIRECT From  $2395 + Shipping
The Brutus 8cu. Metal Bucket
$2395.00 + Shipping
Power Barrow
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